– A MARA Registered Agent since 1992 with the registration number 9254011



Robert K Chelliah commenced his private practice as Migration Agent in 1990 and remains till today without question the migration industry’s one of the most prominent practitioners. Robert Chelliah is considered industry expert in the area of Migration legislations, policies and procedures, with vast experience in handling complex cases. Since his formal registration in 1992 he has specialised in Compliance cases where he has successfully won many appeal cases at the Migration Review Tribunal with his amazing insight in the understanding of social, multicultural, and economic circumstances of the individual he represents. His ability to identify flaws in the adverse statutory decisions by Departmental Officers is his best to none forte. His formal qualification as a Social Worker combined with his deep understanding of the Migration laws and policy guidelines gives him the edge in presenting robust responses to the Department and the Tribunal on his clients circumstances. It is with passion, dedication and honesty he has a huge number of followers from different countries in the region. Give him a call for a casual or formal chat to see how friendly and humble he is in serving his clients with sincerity and integrity.

About the CEO

Registered Migration Agent (MARN 9254011), Robert K Chelliah is well-known as one of the leading experts in the field of Migration assistance with his in-depth understanding of migration legislation and policy. He has demonstrated repeatedly his advocacy skills on complex cases and on compliance issues on behalf of his clients.

Over the 26 years of focused practice with the mission statement “ We do Only One Thing and We Do It Best”, Robert understands that the statutory provisions in the Migration Laws give department officers the right to make discretionary decisions within a wide berth under a fluid policy guidelines, and that is very often leads to inconsistency in the decision outcome under similar set of circumstances. In recognition of this weakness in the bureaucracy that Robert uses the common principles of administrative laws and principles of natural justice to pull in these erring case officers to maintain consistency in the interpretation of the legislation and the Department’s Code of Practice that is  prescribed in the Migration Act. With firmness and politeness and with the display comprehensive understanding of the Migration laws, he quietly commands the respect of Departmental officers over his 26 years of practice. Robert knows well that there does not exist an all-ending expert who can craft legislation to capture and codify every aspect of human behavior and socio-economic circumstances.

Consistently regarded as an iconic professional in the migration field, Robert is one of the most experienced agents in all aspect of migration and post arrival settlement services. He is cheerfully engaging and passionately dedicated to the profession, having built a reputation on achieving the goals and aspirations of his clientele worldwide. As a man of sharp intellect,  he is able to analyse the most difficult migration scenarios and strategize the best possible way forward. One can expect an honest appraisal by him  in any situation, at any given time. Robert maintains a strong presence with offices located in Australia, Malaysia and Singapore. His clear understanding of migration trends throughout the region and expert grasp of Australia’s complex migration laws enable him to successfully advocate for many clients who face the appeals process.


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